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For this week's episode of the Earp Top 5 Podcast, we discussed our Top 5 moments from Wynonna Earp episode 4x01, titled On The Road Again. The weight of this episode was heavy not only as a season premiere but as the first episode after the #FightforWynonna; it did not disappoint. Take a listen to this week's podcast and then check out the recap below.

  1. Nedley: The voice of Earpers everywhere

The first lines of season 4 were Nedley saying, “You almost done? I feel like I’ve been standing here for two years” and boy ain’t that the truth. The road and the fight was long but we survived and now we have our show back.

2. WyNaught Moments

The bestest best friends to ever best friend. Well…maybe not at first. Things started off a little rough for the two as Nicole reunited with Wynonna with a delicate right hook on the side of the road. After a little truck maintenance plus three and a half conditions they set off on their adventure to Monument to find Gloria Valdez. Let the hijinks ensue.

3a. Valdez…Jr

The biggest mystery that season 3 left us with was who is Valdez? A staple to the comic book reimagined for the show. We thought we would be meeting a brilliant scientist who worked with Jeremy but we got her teenage daughter instead.

3b. The return of Nedley, Mercedes and Kate.

We knew Nedley was on Team Earp already but a pleasant surprise in the premiere was the reappearance of Mercedes and Kate both of whom had huge roles to play. Kate helped Nicole find her way off the train and to Wynonna and Mercedes was there when Nedley fell ill, cause when you need looking after you pick the woman who dressed as a slutty nurse one Halloween.

4. The Garden

A picturesque frozen lake will pillars, doors, angel wing thrones, wells, blood machines, and a weird guy who cut off his head. As Doc said “if this is Eden, it ain’t the way they wrote it up”. As many questions as were answered many more came up. What book did Waverly choose and why were they forgetting things by the fire?

5. Nods of Appreciation

We fought hard for our show back and everyone involved from Emily on appreciate it and didn’t shy away from acknowledging that in the show. We had nods to the battle cry “Don’t Fuck With Our Family” to Nedley’s office couch where important WayHaught business was discussed. We love a show that winks at us and we wink right back ;).


We hope you all enjoyed the podcast this week! Let us know what your favorite top 5 moments were from the mid-season finale! You can find us on Twitter at twitter.com/earptop5 *All screenshots are property of Wynonna Earp and NBCUniversal and are used under the fair use law.

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