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Tough Choices

For this week's episode of the Earp Top 5 Podcast, we discussed our Top 5 moments from Wynonna Earp episode 4x06, titled Holy War: Part 2. This was a tough one, since it was the season 4 midseason finale and of course we really wanted to list every single moment. But, we somehow did it. Take a listen to this week's podcast and then check out the recap below.

  1. Wayhaught Engagement

Number one in our hearts and number one on our list....I think it's safe to say that this was number one on almost everyone's list...A beautiful moment for a couple that we've watched go through ups and downs / highs and lows in the last three and a half seasons. This was truly a well earned moment for these characters and for this fandom.

2. Exorcism / Ghost Nicole

Our favorite used-to-be-sheriff got herself into a sticky situation while her team was missing for 18+ months. Turns out she made a deal with the Earp-hating Clantons to get them out of the garden, and in return Mam Clanton cursed Nicole with frogs. What even is this show?

Such a great story arc for Kat Barrell during this episode and we loved seeing each moment and biting our nails hoping Nicole's soul would return to her body quick enough!

3. Mam/Margo Clanton and Waverly Showdown

What has our angel gotten into now? Waverly wasn't going to let her girlfriend die, so she took matters into her own hands...literally. We loved this showdown between Margo and Waverly because it showcases Waverly's angel powers that we're still super curious about!

4. Rosita Redemption!

How great was it to see Rosita back? We were thrilled to see Tamara on our screens again, and to get a little bit of closure with what went down between her and Wynonna in the season 2 finale. It's hard to forgive someone who tried to steal your newborn baby, but we're glad Wynonna and Rosita were able to find common ground.

5. Wynonna and Peacemaker Reunited

Who else cheered really loudly when Wynonna was reunited with Peacemaker? What a moment, really. This really felt like coming home. Wynonna and her gun are such an integral part of this show and seeing them back together just makes us want to go kick some demon ass!


We hope you all enjoyed the podcast this week! Let us know what your favorite top 5 moments were from the mid-season finale! You can find us on Twitter at twitter.com/earptop5

*All screenshots are property of Wynonna Earp and NBCUniversal and are used under the fair use law.

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